Not all relocations have long-term implications. Simply Relocate Zambia is well positioned to provide destination service support for temporary transfers or secondments under 12 months.

Your Home Away from Home

We can find you the perfect home-like environment in a new community. We are well connected to a number of different hotel chains or, if you prefer, comfortable furnished rental suites with outstanding amenities, including parking and storage allows the greatest level of comfort with built-in flexibility.

Our affordable packages are focused on appropriate housing designed to eliminate long commute times. We will provide you with all the necessary tools to manage a move to a new city and culture. As with any relocation, the focus should be on enriching your experience so that you can remain happy and focused while meeting all corporate objectives.

We will provide the information including, but not limited to:

  • vetting of the rental agreement with an expert
  • transportation within the city, including public transit
  • car rental information
  • restaurant and shopping information, including groceries
  • emergency medical and dental care
  • points of interest
  • entertainment
  • sporting and cultural information

Simply Relocate Zambia

You may simply need us to find your new home in Zambia or it could be that you would like our support from the moment you land in Zambia. We will build a package and provide a service that suits you

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