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Why choose Simply Relocate Zambia for your relocation?

You may simply need us to find your new home in Zambia or it could be that you would like our support from the moment you land in Zambia. We will build a package and provide a service that suits you – and you can always add more services later if your needs change. We take care of the details so you focus on the move.

House Search

Simply Relocate Zambia can organise and accelerate your home search in Zambia according to your specific criteria.

We are totally independent from estate agents, and we cover all Zambian areas, exploring the whole property market for you.

Individual Relocation Service

Whether it’s to find a new home or support during your stay in Zambia, we will build a package that suits you.

School Search

At Simply Relocate Zambia, we know that choosing and applying for the right school in Zambia can be daunting. We are here to advise you, present you with the different options available and help you all along with the application process.
We have a deep knowledge of Private and International schools, for primary and secondary levels.

Corporate Relocation Services

We offer a wide range of complementary services that will make your assignees’ relocation to Zambia stress-free and enable them to work productively from Day One

Settling in Package

We can assist you in organising many of those day-to-day things you will need in order to get life in Zambia up and running.

We offer a “Settling In Package” that covers the essentials of what you need when arriving in Zambia

Immigration and Visa Service

Our aim is to co-ordinate and manage the visa and immigration process with the relevant authorities on behalf of the assignee

Our Process

Moving to Zambia? Lets Get Started!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to move?
We advise that you give you and your family enough preparation time as possible. That’s why weme recommend you contact Simply Relocate Zambia for an assessment so that we can help you consider any determining factors which may affect the dates of your move, including events taking place in Zambia. If you have children, Simply Relocate Zambia will advise you about school schedules in Zambia (commencement dates, school holidays, year-end schedules) to ensure you select the most suitable time for transition.
What is the most difficult part of Relocating to Zambia?

Understanding the new Culture and embracing new customs in Zambia can initially be a difficult part for you and your family. Zambia is quite conservative but at Simply Relocate Zambia we ensure that you are well versed in the cultural expectations and norms in any social, work , private and/or public setting . We urge you to keep an open mind and we will assist you in dealing with new situations that will constantly arise. We offer Cross Cultural Training either prior to departure, or when you arrive in Zambia.

Why do I need Simply Relocate Zambia?

Moving to a new location ranks amongst the Top 10 on the global scale of personal stress. There is a lot of extensive preparation that is required for departure. Additionally we understand that  moving to Zambia can be quite daunting. Simply Relocate Zambia’s understanding of the landscape will ensure that your relocation becomes a positive experience for the whole family. We take care of the logistics so that you can concentrate on your assignment and starting life afresh in your new surroundings.

How will the children manage?

We like to encourage our clients to keep their children well informed of their relocation plans from the beginning so they have time to adjust to the idea. We also encourage involving them in the planning process and we offer material that will assist children to learn more about Zambia.

What if I have a pet?

Moving away from home not only impacts our family, but also  our Pets. If you decide to bring your beloved four-legged family member with you it is important to discuss this with Simply Relocate Zambia as soon as possible, so that we research and process any importation and quarantine issues.

Simply Relocate Zambia is able to assist with your pet’s transportation and any quarantine boarding or kennelling that may be required upon arrival. We encourage you to also research the regulations for importing pets from your home country to Zambia and understand any requirements for inoculations and quarantine both at destination, and upon repatriation.

What if I have a vehicle to ship?

Simply Relocate Zambia will arrange shipment of vehicles within the SADC region. The legislation pertaining to vehicle importation differs in all countries, however it is generally an expensive, detailed and rigorous process with extensive paperwork and procedures.

What documents will I require to bring with me?
We suggest you take the following information with you to ensure that we are able to assist you with any applications for bank accounts, utility bills, sim card allocation etc

* Income Details

* Employment details

* Referee Details

* Photocopies of your proof of Identity, eg: driver licence, passport, utility bills, credit card.

How safe is Zambia?
Zambia has not experienced violence or ethnic strife and is a relatively safe destination. Most expats report feeling safe in their homes, although vigilance goes a long way and it does not hurt to invest in good home security.  Simply Relocate Zambia through its Area and culture orientation will ensure you are familiar with the area and are “safe smart”.
What about healthcare in Zambia?
Zambia’s public healthcare system is not up to the standards that most Western expats would be used to. There are some good private clinics in the main cities,  and Simply Relocate Zambia will be happy to find you and your family a perfect fit.

Moving to Zambia?

Get in touch and we can take care of the details while you focus on the move.

Simply Relocate Zambia

You may simply need us to find your new home in Zambia or it could be that you would like our support from the moment you land in Zambia. We will build a package and provide a service that suits you

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